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POST BY LI Healthcare Supply and Demand Measures of supply and demand are an important function in capacity planning of healthcare providers. Measures of supply indicate the amount of care that can be made available, which include staffing, beds available, ability to manage waiting times and medical equipment. Measure of demand indicates the quantity of health services the population needs. For example, a high number of admissions can reflect a high demand for service and average length of stay may be a reflection on the complexity of cases. (IHI, n.d.) There are several factors that affect the publics involvement in public health programs. For example, for public health agencies to meet their goals, they must first assess the state of health of their communities and identify the needs responsible for poor health. Once the needs are assessed then an intervention strategy can be designed to address these factors. These interventions require resources such as community-based prevention activities, ensuring the delivery of high-quality personal preventative services and developing social and public policies that ensure adequate food and water, clean air and water, and protection from workplace hazards. (APHA, .) I currently work at City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center in the department of Professional Practice and Education. In addition to providing continuing nursing education to the nursing staff, our department is responsible for on-boarding patient care services staff. The demand for cancer care has risen dramatically. According to the American Cancer Society, cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for about one-quarter of deaths annually. Based on the most recent data, the American Cancer Society estimates that there will be 1,762,450 new cancer cases and 606,880 cancer deaths projected for this year in the United States. City of Hope has a 217-bed capacity and an outpatient clinic with an Evaluation and Treatment Center (ETC) with an additional 6 beds. Currently, at City of Hope the growing demand for cancer care is impending the diminished supply of hospital beds and staff to provide necessary cancer care. In order to meet the demand to care for patients, City of Hope recently installed an Observation Unit with a total of 11 beds and hired 20 Travel Nurses to cover the unit. Additionally, City of Hope has established 24 practice sites across Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, Orange and San Bernardino counties to bring cancer care and leading-edge treatments closer to diverse under-served communities. (City of Hope, .) References: Institute for Health Improvement (IHI) (.) Measure and Understand Supply and Demand. Improving Primary Care Access. Retrieved from American Public Health Association (APHA) (1995, January 1) The Role of Public Health in Ensuring Healthy Communities. Retrieved from City of Hope (.) Practice Sites. Retrieved from REQUIRED TEXTBOOK Dewar Diane M. (2015). Essentials of Health Economics (2nd ed.). Jones & Bartlett tool For non-book voucher purchase or rental. Stroh, D. P. (2015). Systems thinking for social change: A practical guide to solving complex problems, avoiding unintended consequences, and achieving lasting results. White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green Publishing. o Mauffette-Leenders, L. A., Erskine, J. A., & Leenders, M. R. (2007). Learning with cases. London, Ontario: Richard Ivey School of Business.
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Discuss the functions of human resource management

The primary function of HRM is to increase the effectiveness and contribution of employees attaining organizational goals and objectives. Consider all the areas of HRM that have been discussed in this course: Performance management Human resources planning, recruitment, and selection Human resources development Compensation and benefits Employment and labor laws and regulations In your final paper, Provide a high-level overview of each HRM area listed above. Discuss HR functions within a performance management system that contribute to effective training and development. Explain how an effective performance management system along with compensation and benefits can attract, develop, and retain talented employees. Analyze employment and labor laws and regulations that impact these areas of HRM listed above and the relationships between employees and employers. Explain how the functions of HRM work together in order to optimize organizational and employee behavior. For additional support with completing your final paper, please refer to the following tools: Finding HR Journals in the AU Library (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. This tip sheet will support you in researching through the Ashford University Library. What Is CRAAP: A Guide to Evaluating Web Sources (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. This will assist you in determining the reliability of an HR website. Scholarly and Popular Resources(1) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. This tutorial explains the differences between scholarly and popular resources. Human Resource Research With FindIt@AU (Links to an external site.)

Situation D: Major Operations (Forcible Entry) in support of Indonesia

1. (500-word limit. 100 words per task) Reference the Indo-Asia-Pacific Situation D, several tasks that must be accomplished to support operations are listed below. For each of the listed tasks, recommend and justify one prospective unit from the list provided to accomplish each of the likely tasks. Ensure you consider the tradeoff between a units capabilities and limitations in your justification. TASKS A. Form an MNJTF headquarters within a Joint Operations Area to be prepared for non-permissive entry operations B. Be prepared to clear northern Sumatra of enemy forces, stabilize and handover to Indonesian security and military forces C. Secure the Strait of Malacca (prevent interference with global trade) D. Establish port opening and distribution for the Joint Operations Area E. Support Indonesian Military Forces to suppress potential unrest/subversive activity in Aceh. POTENTIAL UNITS ? 13th MEU (Embarked aboard CTF-76 shipping) ? IIIMEF ? 3D MEB ? CTF-76 Amphibious Force (Expeditionary Strike Group: consisting of one LHD with embarked Marines and equipment, one LPD with embarked Marines and equipment, LSD with embarked Marines and equipment, and one destroyer) ? CTF-70 Battle Force (Carrier Strike Group: consisting of one carrier with air wing, two cruisers, two destroyers, one submarine, and one combat logistic ship) ? CTF-71 Navy Spec Warfare ? CNIC Singapore Area Coordinator ? I Corps ? 8th Theater Sust Comd ? 25th Sus Bde ? 13th ESC Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) ? 25th Infantry Div ? 5th AF ? 15th Wing ? 353rd Special Operations Group ? 1-1st Special Forces Group 2. (200-word limit) Reference the Indo-Asia-Pacific Situation D and the tasks listed in the preceding question describe how the Air Force (AF) core missions of command and control (C2) and rapid global mobility (RGM) enhance or enable Joint Forces to conduct these tasks. AF C2 (100-word limit): AF RGM (100-word limit): 3. (300-word limit) Reference the Indo-Asia-Pacific Situation D and the tasks listed in question #1, select three tasks and for each describe how space capabilities enhance or enable Joint Forces to conduct these tasks. Task 1 (100-word limit): Task 2 (100-word limit): Task 3 (100-word limit): 4. (100-word limit) Reference, the Indo-Asia-Pacific Situation D, explain which cyberspace operation is the most challenging when forming a multinational joint task force (MNJTF) and why.
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Write an essay on Growing as a Leader-Personal Leadership Portrait

Using the attached Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ): -Analyze one of more leadership styles and corresponding leadership theories based on the MLQ that you believe best align with personal leadership effectiveness. -Analyze one or more communication styles that you believe best align with personal communication effectiveness. -Analyze your leadership strengths and growth opportunities. -Analyze your communication strengths as well as growth opportunities. -Explain how you will achieve the following outcomes as a leader within Emergency Management: -Communication and interpersonal effectiveness. -Ethical leadership. -Effective diversity management. -Effective change management.