Discuss the history of the technology from its early beginnings to the Renaissance.

Choose one of the following technological developments that were discussed in the web tutorial: The mechanical clock, gunpowder, the Great or Jersey wheel, printing, or the compass. Write an essay that addresses the following topics: 1.Discuss the history of the technology from its early beginnings to the Renaissance. Please discuss at least three different events in the history of your chosen technology. 2. Describe one force (e.g., historical, cultural, social, economic, political) that affected the development of the technology. 3. How did the development and use of the technology affect Europe in the Middle Ages? 4. Overall, how did the technology affect the United States? This should be an integrated essay that has coherence for the whole piece and connections between paragraphs. You are expected to be detailed by quoting from your sources and using examples in your discussion. Be specific and cite specific details either from the background reading, the web tutorial or your own research. Include in-text citations and a reference list at the end of your essay. Higher credit will be given for responses that show evidence of a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the topics involved.

Discuss the impact female groups have had on female youth.

QUESTION: Discuss the impact female groups have had on female youth. How has their personas influenced female youth? ANSWER: – Talk about Spice Girls and their ‘girly’ culture. What did they promote and how did they promote it. What was the response from female youths to them? – Talk about Riot Girls and how they promoted their culture. Compare and contrast it to the Spice Girls. What was the youth reaction to the Riot Girls? How did they differ to the spice girls? What message did the Riot girls promote and what was the reaction from female youth to them? Why were the riot girls so important to girls? – Use academic resources, including; Driscoll, Catherine. (1999). “Girl Culture, Revenge and Global Capitalism: Cybergirls, Riot Girls, Spice Girls”. Australian feminist studies (0816-4649) McRobbie, A. (2008) Young Women and Consumer Culture. Cultural Studies, 22.5: 531-55. McRobbie, A. (2008). YOUNG WOMEN AND CONSUMER CULTURE: An intervention. Cultural Studies, 22(5), 531550. doi:10.1080/09502380802245803 Whynacht, A. (2009). Raperas of the NeoRevolucin: young women, capitalism and Cuban hip hop culture. Girlhood Studies, 2(2). doi: Compare spice girls and riot girls to female influencers today . youtube influencers, beauty influencers, the power of social media and how easily accessible young girls can access/connect/contact their influencers. Talk about the importance of young girls to have female role models, what it means to them and how these girl groups influence young girls attitude, personalities. Compare girl culture to a young females personal culture . the american or spanish culture and compare how much girl culture has an impact on young females.

Nation-building is much more successful in ethnically homogenous post-war states as opposed to ethnically fragmented ones:Discuss

The below information was pulled directly from the syllabus. The Research Proposal is an outline of a research project that the student proposes to carry out sometime in the future. The full research project will not be completed in this course. This assignment gives the student the opportunity to demonstrate that they are able to use the research template examined in this course to carry out future research projects. The proposal should be between one and three pages and follow the normal APSA citation guidelines. This paper needs to include the theory, methodology, and cases that will be examined as well as the data sources and expected findings. The paper should follow the template listed below and contain eight sections with individual headings and a works cited page. No extra content or sections should be included in the paper. The one to two page limit does not include the works cited page. This assignment should be for one project only and not include a second empirical proposal. A sample proposal is posted and available on Canvas for your convenience. The Theory: At the beginning of your prospectus, you will need to state the theory you are proposing to assess in one sentence. The theory should have a cause and an effect and relate to multiple cases (you cannot have a theory that applies to only one country). The theory should be a statement (not a question). The theory should also be general and not include your cases. The Method: You need to explain your methodological approach to the subject. This section can be one paragraph that describes the case study, comparative, or statistical analysis you will use in the project. If you do a quantitative study, state how you will carry this research out (regression, correlation, logit). Do not choose a mixed method study; choose only one of the methods and show that you can do so correctly. The Cases: You need to be very specific and identify the cases you will examine in the research project. How are the cases representative of the population addressed by your theory? What is the timeframe of your analysis? What is your unit-of-analysis? The Dependent Variable: You need to identify the dependent variable in your project (make sure that the form of the variable corresponds with your methodological choice). You should indicate exactly how it will be specified within your project and, if it is a quantitative source, the bibliographic source. The Independent (and Control Variables): You need to indicate the main independent/control variables that you will be using in your project. You will need to indicate how the variable will be specified and, if it is quantitative, its bibliographic source. The Research Logic: You need to show the logical relationship between your theory, method, and cases. Why does your proposed research project work to assess the theory? The Project Value: How does your project contribute to the existing international relations literature and what are its strengths and limitations? This does not need to be grand; small contributions are more important than grandiose ones.

What do you think Sutherland would say about your textbook’s treatment of the topic of crime if he were alive today?

Read Edwin Sutherlands classic 1940 article, White Collar Criminality, published in the American Sociological Review (available in the readings section of Carmen). In this piece, Sutherland takes criminology to task for class bias in the study of crime, including its definitions and theories of crime. Next, re-read Chapter Six in your textbook (focusing particularly on the section on CRIME [pp. 155-165]). Now, in a paper that is at least three double-spaced, typewritten pages, with normal margins and no more than 12-point font, answer the following question: What do you think Sutherland would say about your textbook’s treatment of the topic of crime if he were alive today? Would he be satisfied with the way that criminology has developed since his time? Why or why not? Use details from Sutherlands argument and details from the textbook chapter to support your argument. Notes: No formal bibliography is required. When quoting text from the article or textbook, make it clear in your text which source you are quoting, use quotation marks, and cite page numbers. If you are summarizing ideas and information from source, you need to do so in your own words.

Identify the audience to whom you plan to communicate about this challenge with.

Hi everyone: I am sharing this to simply guide you in developing your PowerPoint presentation that is due (not a paper as I may have incorrectly mentioned in your paper feedback). PowerPoint presentation guidelines: Five-by-Five Rule: No more than five bullets per slide. In addition, there should be no more than 1 line per bullet and no more than 5-9 words per line. I am adding a slide range to follow please: 10-16 slides plus Reference slides Insert graphics and color as well that are open access to add to the slideshow. Do NOT copy and paste from your previous papers. I do not want to see your paper simply transferred to slides. Pretend you are presenting in a room full of 100 people and they are looking at your slides. Review the Grading Rubric. The video from YouTube below introduces PowerPoint. https://youtu.be/XF34-Wu6qWU Copied from the Syllabus: Assignment Guidelines Develop a PowerPoint presentation with speakers notes that includes the following: (Steps 1 and 2 are from previous papers, as Part 3 is new) 1. Summary of the problem=20 pts 1. The identified consumer challenge and its relationship to equity, access, affordability, and/or social justice in healthcare. 2. identification of the population who is affected most by this problem, noting whether this is a vulnerable population. 3. identification of healthcare and health disparities that may be related to this problem and population. 4. Summary of any legislation and/or political activities in relation to the identified problem. 5. Analysis of impact of legislation on this issue. 2. Summary of the evidence-based interventions= 30 pts 1. List of evidence-based solutions with in-text citations of the supporting sources. 2. Summary of political advocacy strategies that could be used to advocate for use of the identified evidence-based solutions. 3. Plan for political advocacy – 40 pts 1. Identify the audience to whom you plan to communicate about this challenge with. Will you speak out to the workplace or workforce, the legislative representatives, professional organizations, the community, or even a combination of these entities? Describe rationale for choosing this audience. 2. Identify and describe strategies that you will use to communicate your proposal for interventions to address the problem. Of the several actions that you might consider, some examples might include writing letters, using the media, or building coalitions. This is where you get to be creative! 3. Describe what you have learned through the completion of this Social Justice Project and how you can apply this learning in your future work.

Discuss whether or not the material presented in the video or webpage seems to be consistent with what you read about in the background readings.

There are a huge number of individuals and firms who are out there selling their organizational development services. Take a look at videos and/or webpages of OD consultants and find a company or individual that really stands out in a good or bad way. Share the link to the video or webpage, and explain what made this particular consultant or consulting firm stand out to you. Also, discuss whether or not the material presented in the video or webpage seems to be consistent with what you read about in the background readings. For example, does this consultant seem to practice a form of action research or do they do something entirely different? One consultant whose videos or webpage you may want to check out is Dr. Jeremy Lurey, as he is the author of one of your readings for this module and the CEO of Plus Delta Consulting. Take a look at one of his videos if you find one that looks interesting, and let your classmates know how the video is similar or different to his reading in the background materials. https://davidcouperconsulting.com/
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Was a power analysis used to calculate adequate sample size?

Using a primary research article on Prevention of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) in a Neuro ICU (of adult population), complete Table 1 filling in the Population column including details such a sample characteristic, sampling methods, and size. Was a power analysis used to calculate adequate sample size? Enter information in the Outcomes and Time (i.e. the study was conducted between January 2014 and April 2016, or the data were collected between March and May of 2016, etc) columns.