Develop employability skills and increase self-awareness within a range of contexts to demonstrate a commitment to lifelong career development learning

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Learning outcomes assessed:
At the end of a module students will be expected to be able to:
1. Develop employability skills and increase self-awareness within a range of
contexts to demonstrate a commitment to lifelong career development learning
2. Apply and critically appraise a range of theories of career development
3. Analyse and evaluate sources of local, regional and global opportunities relevant
to career ideas, interests and ambitions
4. Produce a professional CV, online profile, action plan and develop digital literacy
skills for work
This Coursework is worth 100% of the total marks for this module.
Employability Skills
This Employability Skills module is a 10-week programme and your assessment grades
from this module will go towards your final degree mark. During your 10-week Employability
skills programme, you will attend 10 lectures and 10 tutorial sessions
In each lecture, you will research and evaluate a variety of theories, concepts and
principles. You will prepare for an interview at the end of this module which you will reflect
on as part of the critical reflection assignment as instructed on page 4 of this document.
During the tutorials, you will work both individually and as part of a group, to complete
practical tasks tailored for your programme of study:
BSc (Hons) Business Management
Assignment Questions
Over 10 weeks, you will work towards increasing your self-awareness and developing your
employability skills in order to be successful in gaining a job within your sector (related to your
programme of study).
Your lessons will be broken down into three main themes:
KNOW YOURSELF AND KNOW YOUR SECTOR Weeks 1 to 3 are about developing
your self-awareness.
KNOW YOUR SECTOR Weeks 4 to 6 focus on commercial awareness, values and ethics.
LET THEM KNOW YOU Weeks 7 to 10 will be about developing your employability
portfolio and reflecting on your skills. This will include mock interviews and an elevator
This written assignment should be in a report format and must reflect on the themes from the
course as outlined below:
Submission deadline: Thursday 25th April before 2pm
For this coursework assignment you are required to write in a report format,
and you must reflect on the themes from the module as outlined below.
COURSEWORK includes a word limit of 2500 words (+/- 10%), with elements
(a-f) in your appendices:
Know yourself Learning
Write a brief overview of what you are studying and what your career
aspirations are (use your elevator pitch).
Critically appraise the Clifton Gallup Strengths and Joharis Window
theories in relation to career development.
Identify your key strengths for your desired career choice based on
these two theories.
Discuss how you can apply elements of these theories to achieve
your career aspirations.
Know your sector Learning
Compare and contrast two companies in your sector what are their
history, values and ethics? (choose two varied sizes e.g.
local/regional or regional/global)
To what extent do elements of each companys values and ethics
align with yours?
Research a current job title of interest in your sector and identify from
the job description and specification key tasks and the
essential/desirable skills required (include evidence in your
To what extent does your CV and LinkedIn profile demonstrate you
have the essential and desirable skills for the job you have
researched? (Give specific examples)
Identify and analyse a professional qualification you could acquire
alongside your degree to increase your chances of being selected for
this position.
Let them know you Learning
How can networking help you become more commercially aware of
your sector? (you should relate aspects of theory specifically to your
Reflect on the networking events you have attended and the
experience you had; discuss what skills you used during these events
and any benefits of attending.
Reflect on your performance in the mock interview, including your
application of the STAR method; give an example for why your
chosen company should employ you based on this experience
(Choose a company you have already researched for this
Reflect on what you have learnt about yourself throughout the whole
module and what skills you need to further develop to be successful
in your career ambitions (give specific examples)
Appendices (not included in the word count) Learning
a) Provide your Gallup Strengths certificate with your top 5 strengths
b) Provide evidence of attending two events (e.g. confirmation of
c) Screenshot a current job description and specification (this must
relate to your sector)
d) Current Professional CV (this must be tailored to the job description
and specification)
e) Screenshot of current LinkedIn online profile in full
f) Current Professional Development Plan (including objectives which
relate to the three themes outlined below: Know yourself; Know your
sector; Let them know you)
References: Include a full reference list for all the sources you have cited in your text in Harvard
style. You should include an appropriate number of sources in your writing for this academic level.
End of Assignment Brief.
Please do your best,I will upload any relevant documents you may require in completion of this assignment ie my personal CV (Curriculum Vitae) which may need updating and/or may need necessary amendments,thank u, in advance.

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