Discuss annabel whartons reading

first discuss the holy land experience,why does Wharton refer to the holy land experience as spectacle, and insist that it is not a relic, not a replica, and not a reproduction of Jerusalem, this part should be about 600 words .secondly, consider how Wharton distinguish between the holy land experience which she calls a theme park and the holy sepulcher, which she calls a shrine.this part should also be about 600 words.thirdly, think about how the holy land experience is one of the ways of refabricating Jerusalem.

Marvin Case Study

Overview Read the Marvin Case Handout (PDF) and submit your assignment by answering the following questions. Resources You may find it helpful to use the following graphic organizer as you work through this assignment. You may also refer to Exemplar Paper 1 (PDF) and Exemplar Paper 2 (PDF). Graphic Organizer Diagram of graphic organizer showing problems, goals, objectives and measures Text Version of Graphic Organizer Diagram (PDF) Instructions List 10 indicators of potential problems (stage of surveying the client’s areas of concern). Organize these indicators in two columns that point to two major problems where you can make your targets of intervention. State two problems/targets of intervention. State one ultimate goal for each problem. You will have a total of two ultimate goals for the two stated problems. State two objectives for each ultimate goal. You will have a total of two problems, two ultimate goals and four objectives. What is your intervention? Specify the theoretical framework. How often is the intervention delivered? What are the issues of frequency and dosage? List two measures for each ultimate goal. You will have a total of four measures. One must be a scale, one a client log, one an observational measure and the fourth one a standardized measure. You can construct all of your measures, or you can use evidence-based instruments and standardized measures. Construct the scale or the client log. Case Study – Marvin Slide 1: Marvin is a 21 year old college student at a local state university. Marvin’s major is in Chinese Mandarin. Screen: Image of depressed male Slide 2: His mother Tammy is the chair of foreign languages at the same university where Marvin has studied Chinese for 4 years now. Screen: Image of an older female business woman sitting in front of a computer at a desk Slide 3: He is nowhere near graduation and the vast majority of his classes are very boring to him. He has little interest in learning Chinese and if it was not for the work study trips to China that Tammy insisted that he took and she paid for, he would have switched his major to something more “normal” long time ago. Screen: Image of male sleeping in a classroom on top of books Slide 4: Marvin does not like living on campus, has only one friend who is not currently in college and whom he sees every 4-6 weeks or so. Marvin never had a job and finds this thought overwhelming and unachievable. He spends most of his time at Tammy’s home, in the basement, playing video games and browsing randomly online. He feels that there is no purpose or meaning to his daily activities. He gets easily bored and his days are gloomy and never fun. Screen: Image of male on bed with head on laptop Slide 5: Marvin has struggled with depression on and off since his middle school years. Actually several years earlier, when he was a third grade student, he had to be temporarily moved into a special education setting to help him deal with angry outbursts directed at the teachers and with short episodes of anxiety. Screen: Image of frustrated young boy sitting in front of books Slide 6: Marvin grew up with a two parent family and has a younger sister, who never had problems and who was always the main priority of her parents. Ever since she was born, Marvin learned that he was the imperfect child, while his sister Anika got all the hugs and kisses, was told that she was beautiful and a joy to be around every single day of her life. Screen: Image of mother, father and baby smiling, while image of young boy sad and head in knees is on the side. Slide 7: Marvin’s mom, Tammy is a university professor. She met her husband, Curtis while they were both in graduate school and despite the obvious notion that she always had that her husband had major issues with anger management, depression, anxiety and self-esteem, she thought that she will be able to save him and build a family life with him that will turn out happy and enjoyable. Screen: Image a man and woman arguing on one side and them hugging on the other side. Slide 8 to 12: Several years into the marriage, Curtis started drinking rather heavily. Each time he drank, he took his anger and frustration out on Marvin calling him a retard and lazy and telling him that he was not the kind of son that he wanted. Some of these verbal episodes turned physical every once in a while. The mom failed to protect Marvin every time and tried her very best to pacify her husband and keep the family intact. Screen: Image of male gripping boys arm and pointing a finger in his face with image of frustrated woman to the side. Slide 13: One night when Marvin was in the fourth grade, he was working on a project in Geography and after he spent hours drawing on a world map, he spilled milk on it and everything was ruined. Screen: Image of boy doing homework Slide 14: To avoid a new violent episode with his dad, Marvin ran to the next door neighbor and asked the neighbor to help him redo the map before his dad came home. At 9PM, they were still working together at the world map (with his mothers permission and knowledge) when the dad came to the door. Screen: Image of teenage female helping young boy with homework Slide 15: He stated to the neighbor that the assignment was stupid, the teacher had no idea what she was doing with these kinds of dumb assignments and there is no point in helping his son redo the project, because he never gets a good grade in school anyway. He stated that helping Marvin do his homework is a useless proposition. Screen: Image of sad young boy with hands in arms over books. Slide 16: When Marvin was a junior in high school, Tammy left the family one day and did not return home for 2 months. Screen: Image of woman walking down street Slide 17: While Tammy was gone, Curtis reluctantly took care of the kids, but Anika was the focus of his attention, because he considered that Marvin was old enough to take care of himself. Screen: Image of father with daughter on his shoulders at the beach smiling Slide 18: Tammy eventually came back home and announced that she was divorcing Curtis and she was in a new relationship and very much in love with her new partner. Confronted with the news, Curtis had a major angry outburst when he knocked down the living room door and destroyed several pieces of furniture in the living room and dining room. Because there were financial problems and the parents could not separate right away and make other living arrangements, these violent outbursts repeated themselves quite often during the next few months that followed the divorce announcement. Screen: Image of frustrated male and female with ruined furniture. Slide 19: The parents eventually separated and Curtis moved into another house nearby. That’s when the bouncing around of Marvin and especially his sister started to unfold on a weekly basis, which was frustrating and exhausting to Marvin. Screen: Image of house with sold sign on lawn Slide 20: As much as he never appreciated Curtis with his violent behaviors and his constant criticism of him, when he saw his mother kissing her new boyfriend in the backyard, he thought he was going to have a heart attack right there and then. Screen: Image of male and female silhouette embracing in sunset Slide 21: Today Marvin finds no joy in anything he does and even when invited to join an activity, has thoughts like: “these people really do not want me to attend this birthday party. They are just being polite. I am not going to have any fun at all. I am tired anyway, because I stayed up last night until 4 . to play video games. I would rather take a nap and call it a day”. Screen: Image of male holding his head frustrated Slide 22: Marvin has low self-esteem and even though he would like to have some money in his pockets to not have to ask any of his parents to buy new games or pay for any of his school supplies or whatever, he thought that there was absolutely no way that he could make it through a job interview and make it in any kind of job, including the ones that are very low paid in the food industry or in factories. Screen: Image of sad male with hand on jaw looking away
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Inside of a Serial Criminal: Dr. Harold Shipman

*Keeping this argument in mind, you need to do some research. I picked Dr. Harold Shipman to study his story. Learn about his/her background. Study his/her murders/crimes and motives. In other words, research his/her history as if you are trying to analyze his/her behavior. *Once you have completed your research, you need to write a persuasive essay in which you try to convince the audience (me) that the person committed the crimes because he/she felt naturally compelled to do so or because he/she felt greatly influenced by his/her environment. (Remember: When researching a persons environment it is important to consider his/her upbringing as well as his/her current state of affairs.) You may not conclude that nature and nurture are equal. The idea is for you to take a side and use your research to back up your conclusion. However, it will be necessary for you to research the opposing point of view as well because as you know a strong argument always addresses the opposing side. *Do not simply summarize your sources and write a biographical essay. ? Use of at least 3, but no more than 6, credible sources; at least 1 print source ? Turabian Author-Date style format including: 12 pt, Times New Roman font, header & heading, both direct and parenthetical citations, & Works Cited ? Maximum length of 4 pages *please attach the articles/books that you used and highlight the information.
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Describe how the director constructs point of view through stylistic choices in cinematography and editing.

One could argue that Rear Window is about point of view. Write an essay arguing this point, explaining how this film uses the concept of point of view to create the narrative structure. What is point of view and how does it function in the film? Describe how the director constructs point of view through stylistic choices in cinematography and editing. How does point of view structure the plot? Why can one say that this film is “about” point of view? What argument does the film seem to make about point of view and its construction of truth/reality?