Simulating the Battle for Video Game Supremacy.

Please No Plagiarism, Please Write From Scratch You must requires run a simulation entitled: The Platform Wars: Simulating the Battle for Video Game Supremacy. Each year, you have three decisions to make: 1. Determine the price of the video game console; 2. Determine the number of video games that your company will subsidize to enhance the development of new video games (and that can be played on your companys video game console); be sure to note that the subsidy of each new game costs you $16.2M each year; and 3. Determine the royalty percentage you will require game makers to pay you (the higher the royalties, the more revenue you earn on new games, but the less inclined game makers are to develop new games). At the start of the simulation, your market share is 50%. The price of your video game console is $250.00 (note that your competitors market share is 50%, but your competitors console price is $370.00 (hint: you are vastly underpriced to begin the simulation). As the CEO, it is your task to make decisions one year at a time. As you do so, note how key data are changing, and take note of how your pricing, changes made to royalties, and new game subsidies change your profits and your market share. You may need to go through at least one practice run of the simulation in order to become familiar with it. One way of becoming familiar with the simulation is to change only value, leaving the others constant. This will isolate the impact of one variable and will give you a sense of how the change in a single variable impacts revenue, market share, etc. (use the Dashboard and the financial statements to determine this). For example, if I leave all variables unchanged in Year 1 (price = $240; Game titles to subsidize = 3, and Royalties = 15%), my market share becomes 69% at the end of Year 1 (and my net profit is $48.0M). In contrast, if I reduce the console price to $230, my market share becomes 71% at the end of Year 1 (and my net profit is $33.6M). Importantly, if I increase my console price to $330, my market share at the end of Year 1 is 58%; however, my net profit is $140.8M! As the CEO, your task is to find the best combination of changes in the three variables that both increases your market share and earns a maximum net profit. Remember that the changes are relative; there are no right or wrong answers. Your goal is to use the knowledge you have acquired from previous courses (Accounting, Marketing, Finance, etc.), and allow the various statements and the Dashboard to guide you in your analysis, accumulating high market share and revenue. Be sure to take note of how the statements may be used to control your strategy! Remember that you need to cover your costs, while simultaneously turning a profit and increasing your market share. As the CEO, you are asked to run the simulation a minimum of three (3) times, noting the changes made each year, as well as your final results. Then, write a 2-page memorandum to your Board of Directors, informing them of how changes in the variable (e.g., the price of the console; royalties paid by the game maker; and changes in the number of game titles subsidized) affect total market share, revenue per year, and net profit per year. Be creative, and include some tables and graphs in your written analysis to show your changes and/or results.

Why is the Human Resources division manager concerned about the price it charges to Litigation?

Kathy Kraven is the CEO and president of Legal Solutions, Inc. She oversees the companys two divisionsHuman Resources and Litigation. The Human Resources division provides legal services to personnel departments at various clients who need help creating personnel policies and manuals. The Litigation division provides legal services to support clients in litigation. Litigation often asks for help from Human Resources when faced with issues surrounding personnel policies but also has the option of seeking help outside the firm. Currently, Human Resources is below capacity and uses variable cost as its price for providing services to Litigation.Since each division is evaluated by how much profit it generates, Human Resources would like to increase the price charged to Litigation. Litigation is steadfast against any such change. Kathy Kraven has stepped in and established the following policy: effective immediately, Human Resources will charge Litigation variable costs plus 20 percent for any services rendered internally.1.Why is the Human Resources division manager concerned about the price it charges to Litigation?
2.Why is the Litigation division manager concerned about an increase in price charged by the Human Resources division?
3.Do you think Kathys plan is effective? Explain.
What other options are available for establishing transfer pricing?

Explain the current status of the law on both abortion and on partial-birth abortion.

Is It Constitutional to Ban Partial-Birth Abortions Without Providing for
an Exception to Protect the Health of the Mother? You are the Chief Justice of the L.B. Supreme Court and have to write the Legal Opinion on whether or not it is constitutional for states to ban partial-birth abortions without providing for an exception to protect the health of the mother. Be sure to first explain the current status of the law on both abortion and on partial-birth abortion. In so doing, be sure to explain the different types of late-term abortions and what is a partial-birth abortion.
You should present the strongest arguments on both sides of the above issue. Clearly label and argue both the Yes and then the No opinion to this issue. Provide the best legal, ethical, and moral arguments for each side in your answer. Be sure to include relevant case law and any constitutional support for both sides of the issue. You may then give your personal position on the issue. You should include a historical overview of the laws and cases involving abortion. Provide concrete analysis and your opinion as to what are both the strongest legal positions, as well as the best ethical arguments on this topic.

What stage on the cultural competence continuum were you at when you began this class? Explain.

The degree of cultural competence a professional caregiver achieves is based on his or her own growth in attitudes, policies, and practice. Attitudes change to become less ethnocentric and biased. The 6 stages of Development in becoming culturally competent are Cultural Destructiveness, Cultural Incapacity, Cultural Blindness, Cultural Pre-competence, Cultural Competence, and Cultural Proficiency. Please review the definitions. Use the outline with headings that follows the stages for your paperAchieving cultural competence does not happen by chance; Policies and procedures, hiring practices, service delivery, and community outreach must all include the principles of cultural competence. For these reasons, a commitment to cultural competence must permeate an organizationPoints in developing the cultural competency: needs to be developed over time requires a whole organization approach and needs to be driven by strong leadership relies on respectful partnerships with people in the community requires personal and organizational reflection Outline for PaperIntroduction
What stage did you grow up with? What are some specific examples?
What stage on the cultural competence continuum were you at when you began this class? Explain. Be specific with examples in thinking and your actions.
What stage do you think you are at in ending this class? Explain. Be specific with examples in thinking and your actions.
Do you plan to move to another stage on the continuum in your future? Explain. Be specific with examples in thinking and actions.
What is your specific plan to become higher on the cultural continuum to Cultural Competence? Be specific with examples in thinking and behavior.

hat is the mood of the portrait of the 83 year old woman? How does Rembrandt create that mood?

1.. Watch the YouTube Video: Answer the following questions
1.Describe the portrait of the fur merchant. Why is hethe business mans hero?
2.What is the mood of the portrait of the 83 year old woman? How does Rembrandt create that mood?
3.What is Rembrandt communicating in his painting of Sampson & Delilah?2… Watch the youtube video:

Answer the following questions. Write 250 words minimum in total in response answering the following questions:
What were the roots of surrealism?
How did surrealist artist works to access their unconscious minds?
Where did surrealism draw inspiration?3… Dada Photomontage- Create a collage by cutting up parts of photographs and reassembling in a new and thought-provoking combination. You may use photoshop for this project if you know how to use the program. Otherwise, use cut & paste method. Work in black & white primarily- you can use one color if important for your idea. You can zerox a color image or transfer to black & white digitally.
Formal elements to consider: Dynamic composition, contrast of scale, value & theme, unity, illusion of depth of space. Format requirements: 8x 10, no white space, no words. Cut out subject matter very specifically (the outline of the shapes).
Create visual relationships that create a new meaning or associations

Define the business problems or opportunities.

INTL 1211
Individual Research ReportThe objective of this individual project is for you to apply your knowledge of the market research process learned from the course. The research report must outline the research taken to determine the feasibility of an international business opportunity for a fictitious company of your choice. It should relate to either an exporting or importing opportunity for an existing or new product for an identified target market.Please complete the following sections in yellow for the Final Report:
A. Executive Summary (6 marks) Summarize the content of your report and the important aspects. (Maximum one page)B. Research Objectives (10 marks) Provide background information on your company and product of choice
Identify the country of origin
Identify the country for export and explain why you chose this destined country.
Define the business problems or opportunities. Outline the questions the research aimed to address. These questions should consider the feasibility of the proposed opportunity, including the viability of the export transaction (cost of the transaction) and the risk of the initiative. Explain why these issues are important in exporting to the markets identified.
Identify research objectives for the problem or opportunity. This section will include a description of the strategic objectives that the writer would want to achieve in exporting to the selected country with some explanation of why these objectives are important to the organization. C. Research Design & Methodology (10 marks) Identify the information you require in order to determine the viability of doing business in that market and where you would get this information.
The nature and sources of information must be related to the issues to be researched. The writer should also identify how the research was carried out.
Identify the type of research or research strategy selected to collect the information needed.
Identify the sources of data and methodology that will be used to address each objective.
Identify where you will obtain this data from.D. Presentation of Data and Analysis (10 marks)In this section, the writer will discuss the transforming of the data collected to information that can be used in assessing the impact on the issues identified in the research plan. Describe the key trends, issues and challenges identified, including the potential risks associated with trade in the selected target market, detailed market intelligence and information on competitors.
Outline how the data collected helps to address the research objectives.
Charts and statistical analysis may be presented to show trends, forecasts and estimates. E. Implications for Cost and Pricing Analysis (10 marks) Address how the information helps to refine a cost and pricing analysis for the proposed transaction by highlighting how data collected allows you to analyze the costs, elaborate a pricing strategy and assess the overall viability of the transaction. F. Implications for Risk Analysis and Development of Mitigation Strategies (10 marks) Address how the information helps to develop a more in-depth risk analysis and to propose mitigation strategies. G. Conclusion and Action Plan (12 marks) Tie all the sections together and provide the reader with a full picture of the important issues for doing business in/with the selected market.
Present decisions on whether and how the organization should enter the selected market (address the questions if and how the venture is feasible).
Highlight any main challenges anticipated and any areas where additional primary research may be beneficial (and how). Overal Format (12 marks) Be clear and organized. A table of contents, title page, bibliography and appendices are required.
Acknowledge secondary sources. When using information from outside sources, footnote the information on the page where the information is used.
Look professional. The use of pictures, tables or graphs is recommended for illustration purposes.
Remember that you are being tested on your knowledge of the principles of
researching the feasibility of international trade opportunities and your ability to analyze data to assess impact on the ability to do business in/with a specific international market.

Artist Fernando Botero; Identitfy and discuss the work of art (La bra de Arte)

Write a composition In Spanish about a work of art from the artist Fernando Botero, from the Spanish speaking country Columbia.
Verb Tense must be in the Present tenseThe First Paragraph
-Identitfy the work of art (La bra de Arte)
-after the name of the work of art, indicate in parenthesis the year it was painted
– Identitfy the artist and the year he died for example: (1900)
– Indicate where the artist is from the city and country
– Identify 2 themes and 3 characteristics of the work of art. these are subjects that the artists paints and the characteristics are the artist’s style. The Second Paragraph
– describe the work of art in detail without analysis!
The Third Paragraph
-what does the research reveal about the work or art ? (history, symbolism)
– what themes and characteristics of the artists works present in this particular work of art?The Fourth paragraph(conclusion)
– In two sentences, make two concluding comments about the art.
– In one sentence indicate why you like the art using the verb gustar. The sources must be on a separate page titled Biografia