Early in the book Arn says, Music is like air, always there (about p. 3). How does music affect his life? Would he have survived without it?

read Patricia McCormick’s book Never Fall Down.The questions are referring to Patricia McCormick’s book Never Fall Down.

1. Early in the book Arn says, Music is like air, always there (about p. 3). How does music affect his life? Would he have survived without it?

2. The head guy tells the kids, Angka is your family now (about p. 40). Who or what is the Angka? What does it mean to say the Angka is your family?

3. The Khmer Rouge soldiers say, This is Year Zero and You must be like the ox (about pp. 4344). What do they mean? Does Arn obey them?

4. Who is Sombo and why is he good inside
(about p. 95)? How do Arns feelings about him change throughout the story?

5. Arn says, And I know then I have power (around p. 80). What kind of power does he have? How does he get it, and how does he use it?

6. The phrase a little bit famous recurs throughout the book. What is its signi cance not only in Cambodia but also when Arn comes to the United States?

7. When Arn comes to the United States he says, After all the thing I been through, now being rescue is something I also have to survive (around p. 195). What does he mean?

8. This book is about how Arn survives. But why do you think he does? Did he find purpose in his survival? You might also want to use google him to find further information

What is the probability that the vehicle you choose is either: Red, White or Blue?

Week 6 – Assignment: Calculate ProbabilitiesInstructionsFor this task, write a paper using the following structure: Begin with a one or two-paragraph introduction that summarizes the meaning of the reading material.
Answer all of the questions included in Parts 1 and 2 below. Be sure to answer questions using complete sentences and show all work in your calculations.
Provide a written conclusion, when appropriate
Include an essay section in your paper, which is described in Part 3 below.
Use the last part of your paper to include a paragraph or two that explains the information that you learned in the assignment. Explain all answers thoroughly. Support your paper with at least two references.
Part 1A basketball player shoots six free throws during a game. Give the sample space S for counting the number of free throws made.
Explain the difference between a continuous and a discrete probability model. Give an example of each.
In the popular American game of roulette, the roulette wheel has 38 spaces that are numbered 0, 00, and 1 through 36, 0.
Find the probability of getting the following:
a) A number that is less than 15, not counting 0 and 00;
b) A number that is a multiple of 3 or 5, not counting 0 and 00;
c) An odd number that is less than 15, not counting 0 and 00;
d) A number that is between 1 and 12, inclusive.
Playing cards are used in many popular card games such as poker and black jack. An image of a complete deck of cards is available at the website: Playing Card Frequencies (located under your weekly resources). Problems 4 and 5 are based on this set.Suppose that a card is randomly selected from an ordinary deck of cards. Find the probability of getting:
a) A card that is between 4 and 8, inclusive.
b) A card that is between 4 and 8, inclusive, or a club.
c) A card that is red, or is a queen.
d) A card that is not red and not a queen.
Two cards are chosen at random and without replacement from an ordinary deck of cards. What is the probability that they are both hearts?
When three dice are rolled find the probability of getting a sum of 7.
Suppose that you live in a city where the most popular car colors are as follows in terms of probabilities.
Color White Black Silver Gray Red Beige Blue Yellow Probability 0.25 0.19 0.16 0.10 0.09 0.08 0.06 0.02 a) Suppose that you were asked to choose a new car from this city at random and record its color. What is the probability that the vehicle you choose has a color not listed in the above colors?
b) What is the probability that the vehicle you choose is neither white nor is it black?
c) What is the probability that the vehicle you choose is either: Red, White or Blue?
d) If you were a car dealer and you had to order 50 new cars, would the color probabilities effect your decision of what colors to order?A fair die is tossed three times in a row. What is the probability that three sixes occur?
A certain lottery game has a probability of winning of 0.03 on any one game. Plays of this game are assumed to be independent. If you play this lottery four times, find the probability that you will win:
a) None of the four times.
b) Exactly one of the four times.
A broker at Goldman Sachs must decide among a computer stock and a beverage stock for a clients portfolio. There exist 5 possible computer stocks, and the probability of each being chosen is 1/5. There are four possible beverage stocks and the probability of each being chosen is 1/4.
a) Is the choice of the computer stock independent of the choice of a beverage stock? Explain why or why not.
b) Suppose that the broker decides that the computer stock is IBM and the beverage stocks is Coke-a-cola. Assuming these are independent, what is the probability the broker picks these two stocks?
Part 2Suppose that a shipment of 250 netbooks contained three defects, and 247 good units. Find the probability that when a company buys three units from this sample, they will receive:
a) There are three good units.
b) All three units will be defective.
c) There will be at least one unit that is good.
At a ceremony at a naval flight school, there were 18 Marines, 10 members of the Navy and three members of the Coast Guard who were given their wings. If we were to select three pilots at random to feature in an advertisement, find the probability that there will be:
a) One member from each of the four branches of the service.
b) Exactly three Marines out of the three chosen.
Suppose that 22 percent of United States households have a 3D television. Choose five households at random. What is the probability that at least one has a 3D television?
Suppose that the distribution of adjusted gross income reported on income taxes in a recent year is given below (in thousands of dollars):
Income < 15 15-29 30-99 100-199 200 Probability 0.283 0.234 0.348 0.103 0.032 a) What is the probability that a randomly chosen return shows an adjusted gross income of $30,000 or more? b) Given that a person shows an income of at least $30,000, determine the probability that the persons income $100,000 or more? An automobile company has 6,500 dealers who are polled to find out their annual incomes as well as their age. The number of dealers in each category are given below: Incomes (dollars) Dealers under 40 Dealers 40 and above TotalUnder 100,000 1,500 1,500 3,000100,000 and over 1,000 2,500 3,500Total 2,500 4,000 6,500 What is the probability that a randomly chosen dealer will: a) Have an income under $100,000? b) Will have an income under $100,000, given that he or she is under 40? c) Be age 40 and above, given they have an income of $100,000 and over? Company X retains a psychologist to assess whether job applicants are a good match for working on an assembly-line. The psychologist classifies applicants as one of A (good match), B (marginal), or C (bad match). Company X is also concerned about the event D, which occurs when an employee leaves the company within a year of being hired. Data on all people hired in the past five years give the probabilities below: P(A) = 0.5 P(B) = 0.45 P(C) = 0.3 P(A and B) = 0.2 P(B and C) = 0.15 P(A and C) = 0.2 P(A, B and C) = 0.1 P(A and D) = 0.1 P(B and D) = 0.1 P(C and D) = 0.2a) Use the Insert Shapes tools in Word to sketch a Venn diagram of the events A, B, and C. Place the appropriate probability in each of the eight regions. There are also some applicants that end up unclassified. b) What is the probability that an employee leaves within a year? Length: 5- 7 pages References: Include a minimum of two scholarly peer-reviewed resources.Upload your document and click the Submit to Dropbox button.Due Date Dec 16, 2018 11:59 PM External Resource (S): Books and Resources for this Week 1. Statistics in Practice Moore, D.S., Notz, W.I., & Fligner, M.A. (2015). Statistics in practice. New York, NY: W.H. Freeman. Read Chapters 11 and 122. Milefoot.com. (n.d.). Playing card frequencies. http://www.milefoot.com/math/discrete/counting/cardfreq.htm3. BUS-7200_Grading_Rubrics Supplemental (External) Resource

Write a paper discussing the elements that went into the (A Christmas Carol live play)

See a live, actual production of play and be a critic (A Christmas Carol). Write a review. In your review discuss all the elements that went into the production of the play. The play should be a professional production. I will insert the link of the production play for you to analyze it. In the review consider everything that went into the production of the play: the script, the direction, the acting, the sets, the costumes, the lighting, the music, and even the theater itself. Don’t just say something was good or bad; support why you thought it was good or bad. Try to start off with a general statement about the production. Make sure there is a thesis. When writing the essay, say the play was watched at the Geffen Playhouse. this is the link of a live play video. BUT there is an analysis of the play and etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmrOLDI2F1E

Networking Essentials;iscuss Defining Optical Networking

Write a 100 or more response to each topic/question below.1. “Introduction to Computer Networks,” of Networking Essentials, compare and contrast the TCP/IP network model and the 7-layer OSI network model. When would you use one over the other? Which model is more important for network analysis?2. Compare and contrast how a logical fiber map differs from a physical fiber map as depicted in Figures 3-19 and 3-20 of Ch. 3, “Physical Layer Cabling: Fiber Optics,” of Networking Essentials. Why are both necessary for illustrating the logical and physical layouts of the network? Are they useful for documenting and planning the fiber network? See excerpt from CH3 attached.3. Research free network diagraming programs, such as Lucidchart and Gliffy on the Internet.
Discuss your findings on programs you may use in this course and the common symbols that are used in network diagrams in the attached Visio files.4. Discuss Defining Optical Networking5. Explain the basics of network theory and concepts
Note: Use sources where applicable.
Tips for writing substantive responses:
– Explain why you agree or disagree and add some examples to support your belief.
– Relate your personal or work experiences to the topic at hand.
– Make connections between the topics at hand and the readings in the text.
– Add ways you can apply the lessons from the class in your assignments, work and educational life.

Discuss Fences by Denzel Washington

This paper is on the movie Fences by Denzel Washington. This paper is NOT an analysis on the plot of the movie whatsoever. This paper should generate a five-page film analysis arguing a thesis about how the film’s form or stylistic elements generate particular ideological and/or thematic effects. Use specific examples from the film to demonstrate your argument. also use theories from the writings on the “observations on the long take” by Pier Paolo Pasolini and “the major film theories” by Andrew Munsterburg. this paper should also illustrate “what is the film thinking?” This paper NEEDS to include the different types of camera shots and techniques used in the movie and what purpose they serve. And it needs to include some vocabulary words from Bordwell and Thomspon.

Critique the positive and negative aspects of your food intake: What foods were most nutrient- dense?

1.Critique the positive and negative aspects of your food intake: What foods were most nutrient- dense? What nutrients most closely met the daily recommendations and how do these nutrients support good health? What foods were nutrient-poor, or too rich in sodium, total fat, saturated fat, or cholesterol? How did these foods prevent you from meeting the daily recommendations? What are the consequences of choosing these foods over nutrient-dense foods? What three specific things could you do to eat a more nutritious diet? Depending on your intake, you may want to address specific foods and food groups, eating patterns (time and place) and certain meals and snacks that need improvement. Your answers should be specific and practical for a busy college student. Explain how each of your suggestions will help you meet the dietary recommendations.
2. Use your Evaluation Table to find if your average intake fell below the recommendations for protein, carbohydrates, total fat, fiber, vitamins, and/or minerals. For each nutrient that fell below recommended levels, answer the following questions:
a. What are the possible consequences of a low intake?
b. Name at least three foods (not food groups) that you could reasonably add to your diet
or substitute for less nutritious foods in order to meet the recommendations.
Specifically, mention how you would incorporate these foods into your diet.
3. Use your Evaluations Table to find if your average intake exceeded the recommendations for sodium, cholesterol, total fat, saturated fat, and/or protein. For each nutrient that exceeded
recommended levels, answer the following questions:
a. What are the possible consequences of an excessive intake of this nutrient?
b. Name at least three foods (not food groups) that you could reasonably replace or
reduce in your diet in order to meet the recommendations. If you would make substitutions, what would they be? If you would reduce certain foods, by what amount would you cut back?
4. If your fluid balance was negative (e.g. below recommendations) explain how you could change your habits to meet the requirements. Discuss what beverages you will add to your diet, when you will drink more, and how much you will need to drink (volume) to meet your bodys needs. Finally, if you choose to add fluids other than water, indicate how these will affect your intake of other nutrients.
7. Using data from your Energy Balance summary, answer the following questions. Were you in
positive, negative or neutral energy balance? If negative or positive, by how much? How would this imbalance affect your body weight over time? What are the possible health consequences of remaining at your present weight?
a. Are you meeting the exercise recommendations from the American College of Sports Medicine? What are the consequences of your present activity habits? If your activity levels fell below recommendations, describe two specific and reasonable actions you could take to improve.