What sorts of problems does violence pose for the study of ethics?

Critical Essay Instructor: Vincent Mennella Due Date: 11/26 Overview Evidence of serious engagement in philosophy requires sustained thought in a critical essay. A critical essay demonstrates how deeply one can think about a concept or problem in philosophy. The nature of a critical essay is argumentative, and it includes some research of outside sources. The critical essay must be three-?to-?five pages in length, double-spaced. Shorter papers will be significantly penalized. Grading Criteria The rubric attached to this assignment will supply the majority of the grading criteria. However, there are some specific requirements for the essay not listed on the rubric. These requirements are as follows: Research of Outside Sources: All critical essays should engage at least one primary source text from class readings and at least two secondary sources available through library research. Encyclopedia or reference book citations are not permitted. Documentation of Sources and Citations: All critical essays should contain the number of citations required to thoughtfully engage the research topic. The instructor recommends a minimum of three citations of source material. All critical essays should contain a works cited page. All critical essays should contain a consistent citation style that includes relevant publication information and pages numbers of referenced passages. No formal citation style is required, but inconsistencies will be appropriately penalized. MLA citation style is recommended. All critical essays should conform the conventions of standard written English. All critical essays should be submitted on the due date. No late credit may be offered. III. Prompts All critical essays must engage at least one relevant philosopher we have studied in class. Engaging more philosophers may be necessary to fully answer some prompts. All responses must cite the required number of secondary sources regardless the number of philosophers applied to the paper. Violence What sorts of problems does violence pose for the study of ethics? What sorts of ethical theories condone violence? Is violence just a part of human nature? Drawn upon philosophers we have studied in class (or are on the reading list) in answering these questions. Why are there bad people? The philosophers we have studied in class have offered a broad range of answers to why there are bad people. Some draw upon ignorance, others point towards education and habits, and the very nature of the human being is also a reasonable answer. Analyze two answers philosophers we have studied (or are on the reading list) have presented as to why there are bad people. Defend one response of your choice or argue your own answer. Defining Human Rights Political theorists have developed the idea that there is some number of inalienable human rights. However, defining who can take advantage of those rights has not been an easy question to answer. The case that is closer to the heart of philosophy takes the form of who has moral agency? Who can treat others and be treated rightly or wrongly? Should there be any such things as rights?

Explain how to Be a Positive Leader

JOB REDESIGN Assignment In the background materials you had a chance to view some videos and read about the traditional top down approach of job redesign as well as the newer bottom up approach of job crafting. Before starting on this assignment, make sure you have thoroughly reviewed the videos and readings and understand the key job redesign and job crafting strategies. Once you have finished reviewing the background materials, apply what youve learned to the specific scenarios and questions below. Make sure to cite at least one of the required readings for each answer, and try to cite at least four of the readings or videos in your answer. Your paper should be 4pages in length: 1. Relax Lines, Inc. is a luxury cruise line that has hired you as a job crafting consultant for two groups of their employees. The first group is the ship crew. The crew have responsibility for safety, navigation, and maintenance of the ship. The second group is the hospitality staff. The hospitality staff is tasked with making sure the passengers are enjoying themselves and are properly entertained with various events that this staff plans and prepares. Before arriving at the cruise line to do interviews and make recommendations, you first need to do some reading on what general approach you will use. As a first step, review Dik and Duffy (2012), where they discuss task crafting, relational crafting, and cognitive crafting. Which of these three types of job crafting do you think would be most appropriate for the ship crew, and which one do you think would be most appropriate for the hospitality staff? Also, read up on job-crafting swap meets in Wrzesniewski (2014). Do you think a swap meet would be appropriate for either ship crew members or hospitality staff? Any other strategy from Wrzesniewski (2014) that you think would be useful for either pilots or online marketers? 2. The ABC Corporation has a team of telemarketers. The job description for the telemarketers is pretty basic: They call up potential customers who have visited his companys web page and requested information about the product. Telemarketers performance evaluations depend mostly on their monthly sales as well as customer satisfaction surveys, and they receive monthly feedback reports. Their supervisor gives them some initial training, but these telemarketers have a lot of freedom to choose how and when to call customers. For example, they are free to customize their own sales pitch as long as they dont mislead potential customers. Also, they are not required to fill out a time card or work at the office (they can work from home, if they want). As long as they are making enough monthly sales they are free to set their own schedules. While the telemarketing team is performing well, the company is concerned about high turnover among telemarketers and wants to do some job enrichment. Which of the five core job dimensions discussed in Bauer and Erdogan (2012) or page 9 of Griffin (2007) do you think should be revised the most during a job redesign intervention? Which ones do you think do not need to be revised? Explain your reasoning and cite some of the required readings in your answer. 3. Suppose a sports injury clinic has three main practitioners. First, there is a general practitioner doctor who does the basic diagnosis of the injury and works with the patient to come up with an overall treatment program. This doctor also prescribes medicine as needed. Then there is a surgeon who specializes in sports injuries. This doctor only does surgery. Finally, there is a physical therapist who helps patients with exercise programs to help them recover. The owner of the clinic though becomes worried that these three practitioners are becoming bored and dissatisfied with their jobs and there is concern they might all leave unless their jobs change. However, given the high degree of training required for each of their specializations management is not sure how to go about making their jobs less monotonous and more rewarding. In general, would you recommend management undergoes a traditional job redesign approach or a job crafting approach? Which specific job redesign strategy or job crafting strategy would you recommend? For example, if you choose job redesign discuss whether you would recommend job rotation, enlargement, enrichment, etc. If you choose job crafting, refer to one of the specific strategies or interventions discussed in Wrzesniewski (2014) or Dik and Duffy (2012). 4. Create a table with the definitions of the three main types of job redesign (job enlargement, job rotation, job enrichment) and the three main types of job crafting (task crafting, relational crafting, and cognitive crafting). Then write two paragraphs explaining which of the three types of job crafting are most similar to any of the three types of job redesign, and on what you think are the key differences between job crafting and job redesign based on the definitions in your table. Assignment Expectations Answer the assignment questions directly in 4 to 5 written pages. Stay focused on the precise assignment questions; dont go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to summarizing general background materials. Make sure to use reliable and credible sources as your references. Articles published in established newspapers or business journals/magazines are preferred. If you use articles from the Internet, make sure they are from credible sources. Background Background JOB REDESIGN Required Reading Start out this module by viewing this two videos that will give you an overview of both traditional job redesign techniques as well as the newer concept of job crafting: Hartzell, S. (2015). Types of job redesign: Job enrichment, enlargement & rotation. Intro to Business. Wrzesniewski, A. (2015). Job crafting – Amy Wrzesniewski on creating meaning in your own work. Re:Work with Google. Now for a more in-depth view of job design dig into the following two readings. Pay special attention to the concepts of job rotation, job enrichment, and job enlargement. Also, pay attention to the core job characteristics such as task variety, autonomy, etc. discussed in both readings: Bauer, T., & Erdogan, B. (2012) Chapter : Motivating employees through job design. Introduction to Organizational Behavior. Flatworld Knowledge. Griffin, R. (2007). Chapter 6: Organization structure and design. Principles of Management. Houghton Mifflin, New York. Now that you have read up on traditional approaches to job design, read up on job crafting. This reading is by Amy Wrzesniewski, who you saw in one of the videos above: Wrzesniewski, A. (2014). Chapter 6: Engage in job crafting. In Dutton, J. E., & Spreitzer, G. M. (eds). How to Be a Positive Leader: Small Actions, Big Impact. San Francisco, CA, USA: Berrett-Koehler Publishers. [EBSCO eBook Collection] Finally, this chapter provides a solid overview of job crafting including some relational, cognitive, and task crafting: Dik, B. J., & Duffy, R. D. (2012). Chapter 7: Job crafting. Make Your Job a Calling: How the Psychology of Vocation Can Change Your Life at Work. West Conshohocken, PA: Templeton Press. [EBSCO eBook Collection]
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What are some of the reasons why consumer goods are scarce and of poor quality in a socialist economy?

How did the Industrial Revolution contribute to economic growth?
If the government controls the means of production, what is produced, and how the goods are distributed, what are the advantages and the disadvantages?
What are some of the reasons why consumer goods are scarce and of poor quality in a socialist economy?
Give an example of how a socialist idea has been adopted in a capitalist economy?
What has the U.S. government done so far in response to the issue of global warming, and why does this issue require an international solution?
Will outsourcing ultimately lead to a shift of all U.S. manufacturing to lower-wage countries?
What are the implications of the “no free lunch” principle for debt?
How is the Information Revolution changing the politics of income distribution?

Discuss the Causes and Effects of Childhood Obesity

When writing the term paper, please focus around these main causes of childhood obesity. 1) Socioeconomic Adversity 2) Family Dysfunction 3) Off-Spring Distress 4) Junk-Food self-medication and 5) Environment interaction. Please talk about how this may hinder the child’s future. My Professor is very picky about his essays and he likes new information in the essays. He doesn’t like to read repeated facts. Please cite all the sources you use. Everything has to be scholarly articles. He does not want to read about case studies specifically but instead about research topics. case studies can be used (if needed) as evidence backup to the causes. He says he wants to “learn something” Also, please find an article that compares causes of childhood obesity in America to another country that is at or near the same level as America in terms of government, size/type of people and finance. Lastly, please provide several possible solutions to help decrease or slow down the rate of childhood obesity overall in the United States.

In “the hound of bakersville” have we humans actually progressed:Explain

In “the hound of bakersville” have we humans actually progressed. To answer this question, you will have to define progresswhat is progress? Progress in what areas? Notice that your thesis may conclude that the novel is saying that we have progressed in some areas, but not otherswhat is the significance of this disjunction?

What should the United States and other developed countries do, if anything, to stop the cutting of these forests?

Identify the one environmental hazard you think we should be most concerned about. In your opinion, why is this a problem and what do you think we should do about it? What are the ethical considerations involved in decisions about environmental hazards and their amelioration? (Objective 5.1) Air pollution has been a concern in the United States for many years, specifically in the Los Angeles area. With regulation the United States has been able to manage this problem with much success. What do you foresee as the outcome of industrialization in China with respect to air pollution and public health? (Objective ) What is the scientific consensus about climate disruption during the last half of the twentieth century and projected temperature changes during this century? Do you support the theory that the earth is warming due to human activities, or that this is part of a natural cycle? (Objective ) One way to slow the increase of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere is to reduce the clearing of forests, especially tropical rainforests. These forests are found in developing countries. What should the United States and other developed countries do, if anything, to stop the cutting of these forests?What political and ethical issues are involved in these efforts? (Objective ) Read chapters 17 through 19 of Living in the Environment by Miller and Spoolman. ISBN-13: 978-0538735346
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Write a Candidate Communication Analysis Paper (Scott Wagner) PA Governor Challenger

Candidate Communication Analysis This project consists of a short paper (approximately five pages) where you will examine the communication of one political candidate running in the 2018 mid-term election. Your paper will first offer a discussion of effective political communication for candidates, then you will apply those principles to the candidate you have chosen by examining the candidates online communication, speeches, ads, etc. to determine the extent to which the candidate is communicating effectively.