What is Ubers perspective on Lyfts acquisition of Motivate?

For your final, you must conduct a mini-case analysis of the firm Lyft.
Begin with these articles, its not much, but it will get you started on your own research:


Ive also provided a link to some financial information for the company. Since they are not publicly traded, we only have a small glimpse into their performance.
After analyzing these documents and conducting your own research, please answer the following questions. Be sure to integrate your answers into the case analysis template Ive provided. Also, please limit your submission to 8 pages maximum.1. What is Ubers perspective on Lyfts acquisition of Motivate? (Hint: use the Player Analysis section of our reading on Competitive and Cooperative Dynamics to inform your answer)
2. Where do interdependencies exist between Lyft and Uber in the NYC market? Please consider both the bike sharing initiative as well as their broader business.
3. Based on your analysis above, what corporate level strategies should the Lyft take?
4. What business level strategies should Lyft pursue in the NYC market?

Define one long-term behavioral goal and three short-term objectives (three specific steps to acquire long-term goal)

Explain, at least 3 key, valid interventions used for comparison
to illustrate your understanding of the basic components used in the selection of evidence-based interventions. To illustrate each comparison, include citations from specific peer reviewed literature to support your choice of intervention and its appropriateness.Plan must include the following components:
1. Select a target behavior (i.e., what you will teach to your student)
2. Define the behavior in objective and measurable terms
3. Define one long-term behavioral goal and three short-term objectives (three specific steps to acquire long-term goal)
4. How will progress in acquiring the new behavior be monitored (i.e., indicate specific method used to measure the behavior at baseline and post intervention outcome)
5. Specify the conditions under which the behavior is expected.
6. Specify how well the behavior should be performed to achieve long-term goal (i.e., criterion)
7. Include the basic steps in the instructional sequence for teaching social skills, including at a minimum, the use of direct instruction (i.e., antecedents, consequences, reinforcement, corrective feedback, modeling, and guided practice).*
8. How will this new behavior be generalized to other settings or other people?

Explain how visionary (charismatic or transformational) leadership helps leaders achieve strategic leadership. Also, give three examples to support your explanation.

all you have to do is answer all the 5 questions for the business 222 class exam. Simple and easy.
1. Think about a time in your life where you were in a position in which you were required to lead? What were your primary goals? Who did you turn to for help and why? Apply three concepts from Chapter 14 to support the information from your personal/professional example. 2. Do you think leadership qualities have to be inborn or do you think they can be developed? Research two different companies that are industry leaders. Share how they lead, what makes them so successful and what two tools you can find that you could possibly implement into your work flow in the future to level up your own leadership. You will need to do research for the companies you find. Make sure you reference and source your work. 3. Explain how visionary (charismatic or transformational) leadership helps leaders achieve strategic leadership. Also, give three examples to support your explanation. 4. In your own words describe the basic control process and why it is important for companies around the world to follow. Give an example that isn’t in the textbook that implements the control process well. Explain and share how they do so. 5. Describe the behaviors, processes, and outcomes that today’s managers are choosing to control in their organizations.

Services Marketing – Describe Wine Tourism

“Je ne sais rien!”
Jean-Claude Dubois gazed out his window. He was pondering about the next strategic decision facing his small family run business. Just over a decade ago Jean-Claud and his wife Claire started their small enterprise importing wine into Ireland. Over the years they had managed to establish a successful business largely through developing strong relationships with select wine retailers around Ireland. Jean-Claude, whose family has been in the wine making business for over 200 years, grew up amongst the vin-yards of Bordeaux. Having studied wine at University as well as having worked in the family business as well as several exclusive bars in Paris, he is no stranger to wine. Jean-Claudes wife Claire hails from Wicklow and had been working in hospitality before they met and decided to start
a business around their mutual passion for wine and travel. However, while both Jean-Claude and his wife have extensive experience in wine and hospitality, neither of them have much expertise in marketing. Nevertheless, they are both very ambitious to expand their business only they are not sure how to achieve this. Keen to pick up some ideas how they might go about it they recently attended a food and beverage trade show in London. While there, Claire noticed how many of the food retailers were creating experiences around food. She wondered if perhaps they could do something similar with wineAs an MBA with expertise in services marketing, you have been called upon to assist Jean-Claude and Claire in developing a marketing strategy that will help them grow their wine business. Assignment Guidelines:To complete this assignment You may first need to do some preliminary research before developing the marketing strategy. You will also need to discussing how the brand will evolve as well as provide a plan of action.

What role does the BRCA1 gene contribute to managing the patients care?

Rachel comes from a family with a history of breast cancer on her mothers side. Rachels mother died of breast cancer when she was very young. Rachel has two sisters, Lisa and Kristin. Rachel has remained close to Lisa, but she no longer has a relationship with Kristin. At a routine checkup, Rachel is told about the availability of genetic testing for identifying a predisposition to breast cancer. Her doctor recommends the test to Rachel given her family history. Rachel has the genetic testing done and finds that she has a mutated breast cancer 1, early onset (BRCA1) gene. Her doctor tells her she is at high risk for developing breast and ovarian cancer. Rachels doctor suggests she ask her sisters to be tested also, so they can take the proper preventative measures. Rachel feels comfortable sharing this information with Lisa, but she has not spoken to Kristin in many years. Rachel tells her doctor that she is not in contact with Kristin and will not make an effort to tell her about BRCA1 and genetic testing. Rachels doctor feels confident that she can locate Kristin but worries about breaching patient confidentiality if she goes against Rachels wishes.If you were Rachel’s healthcare provider, what would you do? Provide a rationale for your response. Include the pathological processes associated with breast cancer. What role does the BRCA1 gene contribute to managing the patients care? Describe and explain the role of the BRCA1 and breast cancer 2, early onset (BRCA2) gene in contribution as a risk factor for breast cancer. Analyze the risk factors for breast cancer and possible interventions to preventive health management for women and men.

Describe Climate Change & Economics

In your final paper, you have two tasks. First, you need to determine what level of carbon emissions are reasonable from a scientific perspective. The term “reasonable” is for you to define–some people may feel that carbon stabilization is required, others may be willing to accept a 2 degree change, some may think no emissions reductions are necessary, while others may want to see an absolute decrease in atmospheric carbon. I don’t care what you decide is reasonable, but you will have to argue why, from a scientific perspective, this is a reasonable target. If you think we shouldn’t cut CO2, then you will need to explain why some of the effects that people are concerned about are not really a problem, and back that position up with scientific evidence.Once you have determined where we need to go, you should explain how we can get there politically. For example, if you say we need to cut emissions in half, how can we move in that direction? Do we need an international treaty? Do we need carbon taxes? Given the difficulty that we had in the U.S. just trying to ratify Kyoto, or stay with Paris, how can we approach this larger goal? What are the constituencies we can mobilize that would be sympathetic to your position? This has to be feasible in a relatively imaginable political environment. For example, it seems highly unlikely that the current Congress is going to pass a climate bill, but it wouldn’t take a big shift to put one back on the table as the economy picks up steam and other political developments happen. But even then, it would not be fair to assume that Democrats would suddenly not care about US competitiveness vis-a-vis China. So you can assume that there would be a more sympathetic Congress, but not one that is fundamentally different from what we might expect. Think about discussions that you had during the role playing exercise, and see if that helps you to think about what various constituencies care about (though you will want to get more information about them, as some of the positions were tweaked for playability).Your solution needs to be of the correct scale to produce the results you said were necessary in the first section. For example, if you said that you need to cut emissions in half, then planting trees won’t do it, but if you said that we need to simply improve our energy intensity then maybe you’d be OK. Obviously, the more ambitious your cuts, the more difficult this part will be, but on the other hand you may have an easier time justifying the level that you think is reasonable, who knows.In a nutshell, you should first describe how much we need to reduce emissions to address climate change, and then describe how we can realistically make that happen.

Martin Luther :Why did he rebel against the Roman Catholic Church ?

Write an essay on Martin Luther as the pioneer of the Protestant Reformation. Why did he rebel against the Roman Catholic Church ? How did his theological view differ from those of orthodox Catholics? If he was a rebel, why didn’t he support the German peasant revolt?Textbook
Western Civilization, Eleventh Edition
Ideas,Politics, and Society
Volume I: To 1789

Reconstruction was a struggle between at least three groups: Describe Northern Republicans, Southern Democrats, and the men and women recently emancipated from slavery.

” Reconstruction was a struggle between at least three groups: Northern Republicans, Southern Democrats, and the men and women recently emancipated from slavery.In the next 2-3 pages of your essay, define what historians mean by the term “Reconstruction” and then describe what each of these groups wanted Reconstruction to accomplish and how each proposed to achieve its goals. Use specific examples, and be sure to cite each one. In a history paper, a section like this sets the scene for the changes that follow by sketching the historical context of the paper and introducing the major actors, whether individuals or groups.Then, in the next 2-3 pages of your essay, describe any changes in the goals of each group between, say, 1870 and 1876 and evaluate the extent to which those goals were met. In this section, you’ll be setting the essay in motion, so to speak, describing how and why events unfolded the way they did.In your concluding paragraph, explain how your research into this topic can explain the sudden end of Reconstruction in 1877. Do you think Reconstruction should be described as a failure?