What is the trouble with democracy?

Republic Core Final EssayPick one question from the prompts below and write an essay that answers the question by referring to specific passagesand draws conclusions from thesepassages. References to Platos Republic should be given by Stephanus number (e.g., 374b, 396e, etc.), and to the other texts by page and/or line numbers. Please avoid the use of secondary material in order to focus on the primary texts themselves. However, if you do use secondary sources, whether electronic or printed, you must provide clear citations in order to avoid plagiarism. Essays should be 1800 words and are due by electronic submission by 23:59 on Friday, December 21.The heading should look like the following:Your name
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1) What is the trouble with democracy? How and why may democratic society degenerate into tyranny? These questionsunderpin the probing critiques of (Athenian) democracy inPlato’s Republic and Aristophanes’ Clouds. By focusing on selected moments from both texts, consider the main points of these critiques by comparing the form and mood in which they are conveyed, as well as the purpose and criteria that inform their respective portrayals of democracy’s character and dangers. Which account do you find more persuasive and why?2) One central legacy of Homer’sIliad, perhaps most visibly represented in the Shield of Achilles” in Book 18,is a vision of the cosmos and the place of humans therein. Reflecting on two moments in the epic that seem to youillustrative of the Homeric cosmos, state how you understand the poem’s vision of our world and the place of human beingsindividually and collectivelywithin it. Do you believe Homer offers, as Plato’s Socrates wishes to do, a “pattern in heaven” (592b)on which to model our lives? Why or why not?3) In Book VI of theRepublic,Socrates asks [h]ow a city can take philosophy in hand without being destroyed (497d4). Why is philosophy dangerous for the city? Make sure to refer to specific passages in Books VI and VII in your answer. You may also refer to other parts of theRepublicor to Platos”Seventh Letter.”4) At the opening of Book VII, Socrates introduces the allegory of the cave as an image of our nature in its education and want of education (514a). In your essay demonstrate how Socrates uses the allegory of the cave to illustrate the way education is related to what we are. What are the main characteristics of the sense of education that Socrates describes? With reference to specific passages, what are the challenges and perhaps dangers that this type of education entails? In your opinion, what are the particular strengths of this sense of education?5) InBook X of the Republic, Socrates suggests that comedylike all forms of poetic imitationis dangerous because it allows us to take pleasure in things that philosophers should reject as shameful. For Socrates, poetry (for which we have an inborn love), threatens the “regime in [ourselves]” (608b), and must therefore be banished from the city:If there are any jokes that you would be ashamed to make yourself, but that you enjoy very much hearing in comic imitation or in private, and you don’t hate them as bad, you do the same as with things that evoke pity. For that in you which, wanting to make jokes, you then held down by argument, afraid of the reputation of buffoonery, you now release, and, having made it lusty there, have unawares been carried away in your own things so that you become a comic poet.(606c)Through a consideration of Aristophanes’Clouds, write an essay engaging with one or more of the following questions.Can a case be made,contraSocrates, for the moral virtue of comedy? DoesCloudsintentionally or otherwisemake such a case? Does comedy offer insight into moral truths that can’t be accessed elsewhere?6) Make the case for (or against) shelvingthe RepublicunderSELF-HELP. Consider the test case Glaucon establishes in Book II and the value it places on personal happiness. Consider Adeimantus’ objection that opens Book IVthat the founders aren’t making their guardians very happyalong with the specific observations and prescriptions for happiness Socrates dispenses throughout the dialogue, but with perhaps comedic specificity in Book IX. Perhaps contextualize your argumentwith comparisons to the behavioral imperatives of Hesiod (Do not be rude at a potluck), or Homer, or even Aristophanes (but probably not all three). To what extent do these authors promulgate an applicable ethics, a comprehensive vision of the good life, or merely a 21-day-plan to get your life back on track?7) Pentheus is accused of madness for wanting to expunge madness from his city. Compare the elements that Pentheus wants to exclude from his city and those that are excluded from the city-in-speech. Are these expulsions ultimately successful? If not, what can these failures teach us? Answer with specific references to Euripides’ Bacchae and Plato’sRepublic. If you like, you may also refer to Schechner’sDionysus in ’69.

Write an essay on Energy transformation

In the presentation by Dr. Villeda, the communication between neurons in the brain was introduced and how it affects the aging of individuals. The stem cells dont function when the brains are old and the communication between neurons decreases; and inflammation increases. A technique (Parabiosis) was used, according to Dr. Villeda, to investigate whether there is way to rejuvenate the brain, where a molecule called B2M used as a pro-aging factor. The immune system, as explained by Dr. Pouliot in BIOL0223, involves T-cells that recognize and respond to antigens that can be harmful to the body. Any substances on the surface of cells are caught by the immune cells and then receive messages to respond and take action in killing the harmful substances, such as viruses, fungi or bacteria. The immune cells ingest the invader during a process called phagocytosis and break it down. Phagocytic cells include neutrophils that are in the blood and can be called out to particular sites of infection and macrophages that can move throughout the body, but mostly in the spleen and lymph nodes where they could see a lot of action. Immune cells communicate either by cell-to-cell contact or through secreted signaling molecules, such as receptors and ligands. Receptors are protein structures that are expressed on the surface of a cell or in intracellular compartments. Example of these can be toll-like receptors that are essential for inflammatory responses.

What’s Needed to Describe the flow of energy through an ecosystem, including general descriptions of processes and roles of photosynthesis and cellular respiration. How does the consumption of nutrients result in usable energy for an organism? Why do autotrophs need mitochondria? Why must organisms constantly acquire energy in order to survive?

Watch Life and Debt and pay particular attention to connections between the Dependency and World Systems theories and the movie and Concisely summarize your analysis

Watch Life and Debt and pay particular attention to connections between the Dependency and World Systems theories and the movie and Concisely summarize your analysis in 750 words (one page singled spaced or two pages double-spaced). Keep in mind that this is not a summary paper; rather it is an analysis of specific concepts and theories highlighted in class and their relevance to the challenges facing Global South countries such as Jamaica.

Explain how the specific loss of function might affect one or more activities of daily living.

With aging comes physiological, functional, and sensory changes. At times, this change can manifest as a loss. Often, a loss of function may begin a so-called downward spiral in the life of an elderly person, affecting his or her independence and quality of life.Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word response to your client that addresses the above statement. Include how the specific loss of function might affect one or more activities of daily living.

Explain shifting cultivation.

Explain shifting cultivation. Why is this method of agriculture important to help tropical soils maintain their quality?Explain how Turkey’s Southeastern Anatolia Project has strained cross-border relationships with Syria and Iraq.

What major events underline the cultural shift that occurs in Western history that determines this measurable cultural switch? Why?

Task 8
Achieve Cross-Cultural Competency
step 1: Review the following PBS resource in its entirety: http://www.pbs.org/race/000_General/000_00-Home.htm
step 2: Watch

step 3: Review Paradox of Liberty:https://www.monticello.org/slavery-at-monticello/liberty-slavery/enlightenment-freedom-and-slavery
At what point in time during the course of the evolution of the Western experience have race differences started to be seen as less relevant? (For additional context, peruse this article on racial inequality: https://www.ssc.wisc.edu/~wright/ContemporaryAmericanSociety/Chapter%2014%20–%20Racial%20inequality–Norton%20August.pdf) Approximately when? Approximately where? What major events underline the cultural shift that occurs in Western history that determines this measurable cultural switch? Why? Was it successful?