Making android game

i want a project definition that im making android game which is Ecard its similar to this want to make it player vs player instead of player against computer. here are the rules . Each player has 5 cards, 4 Citizens and either Slave or Emperor. The Citizen card represents the common man, and cannot defeat the Emperor who sits at the top. It can, however, defeat the Slave, who resides at the very bottom of the system. Two citizen against each other results in a tie. The Emperor represents the one at the top of society. This card can defeat the citizen, but will lose to the Slave. The Slave is presented as the one at the very bottom of society. Seeing as how it has nothing to lose, it can overthrow the Emperor in one last attempt at revenge. Winning as the emperor grants you one point, while winning as the slave grants you three. There are 4 rounds, with each round lasting 3 turns.

Explain what information has been provided in each case that helps to determine which disorders are appropriate for consideration (differential diagnoses) for a final diagnosis.

For each case, complete a diagnostic analysis select from the list of assessment tools provided in the attachments. Each case requires the following information to be addressed: Describe presenting concerns and relevant history. Explain what information has been provided in each case that helps to determine which disorders are appropriate for consideration (differential diagnoses) for a final diagnosis. Evaluate how at least one assessment tool, which is listed in the List of Assessment Tools attachments, will aid in obtaining further information to back up the final diagnosis. The Differential Diagnosis Decision Tree may be helpful to guide this process. Present DSM-5 and ICD-10 codes including relevant V and Z codes. Assume that the client has presented for treatment with their partner or parents. Provide a descriptive rationale for the DSM diagnosis that best fits the information provided, including relevant ICD codes. This should be written in a narrative form using complete sentences. Support your rationale with scholarly sources. Describe indications or contraindications that help determine whether a medication consultation is appropriate, and provide rationale with support from scholarly sources.
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Analysis of Battle of Nagashino

Paper will analyze the battle of nagashino and what led to Oda Nobunaga’s victory. (the effective use of gunpowder weapons should be the main argument).Paper will then discuss how gunpowder weapons changes samurai army structure and the samurai class

Describe Strategies by Activists

PromptBelow is a list of strategies commonly used by activists who participated in the social movements of the 1960s. Choose at least two strategies from the list below and discuss how one movement used the strategy(ies) to affect change. For guidance, please be sure to read Chapter 27 and Chapter 28.Legal Strategies
Nonviolent Direct Action (Includes Sit Ins; Bus boycotts and Freedom Rides; Desegregating lunch counters)
Legislating Civil Rights
Self Determination (See For a definition of self determination see Summary at the end of Chap. 26) Includes Black Nationalism/ Black Power; The Young Lords; The Chicano Movement; AIM;
Raising Feminist Consciousness; Black and Chicana Feminism (Chap 27 and Doc 27.3 John Olson Women’s Rights March
Stonewall and Gay and Lesbian Movement ( Chap 27 and
Make sure that you discuss the extent to which these strategies were successful. Your essay should include specific examples to support your points and use the names of key figures, organizations, laws, legislative acts, and marches when you refer to them. CriteriaAn A essay will:Devote adequate attention to each of the two strategies discussed.
Stay focused on one specific movement (womens rights, gay rights, black civil rights, etc.)
Include references to key figures, organizations, and laws etc. and refer to them correctly by name.
Demonstrate that the student understands the strategy being discussed (and how it was different from similar strategies).
Include specific examples of how these strategies were used.
Discuss the extent to which these strategies were or were not successful.
Show evidence proofreading
Have effective organization