The use of excessive force

In recent years, law enforcement uses of force has captivated the nation. Some feel that law enforcement is using excessive force against members of minority communities. Others posit that law enforcement is reacting to situations as theyve been trained and that the media is sensationalizing the use of force (deadly or not) against members of society. To truly understand this critical perspective, your writing assignment is to explore law enforcement uses of force historically through contemporary times (look at the data pre-Ferguson and compare it to post-Ferguson)

This research paper has three main components to it. First, you will explore what constitutes a use of force, and conversely, what is not. Use the matrix available in Florida. A question you might want to explore is when and how uses of force are legal. This part of your paper is focused on comprehension. Next (secondly), turn to the history of uses of force, such as that tendered above. Are uses of force really up? Are uses of force really excessive? Remember that you are writing a scholarly paper that is to be free from bias. During this part, you will analyze the data youve researched. Third, based upon your findings, and considering the historical practices of law enforcement and Constitutional implications, formulate a best-practice approach to address any findings you made in part two of this paper. You may want to discuss how to educate the public on what a use of force is, or suggest a policy revision for the application of force. This part allows you to evaluate practices and synthesize them into a body that combines your comprehension and analysis that addresses the perception of excessive use of force.

How do the systems described in this case provide operational intelligence and maintain knowledge management in the organization?

Imagine you are an executive for an organization of your choice and you are preparing a presentation for the board of directors about the impact information systems decision-making from a managerial perspective has on the companys growth. The case study information is listed below.
For this assignment, read the case study, GE Bets on the Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics? on pages 508-511 of your textbook. You will compile a comprehensive case study analysis based on this case. This involves a critical review of the company and situation leading to the company goals. From there, you will research the company, industry, and current situation, leading to several viable outcomes, followed by the final recommendation.
Case Study Questions
1. List and describe the technologies used in this case study.
2. How do the systems described in this case provide operational intelligence and maintain knowledge management in the organization?
3. On what business functions and level of decision making is GE focusing? Identify three different decisions that can be supported due to the value of information systems.

Enhance safety for all modes of travel1.Reduce collisions at intersections

Goal 1:Enhance safety for all modes of travel1.Reduce collisions at intersections2.Eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries (Vision Zero)3.Implement traffic calming to induce slower speeds and increase driver awareness

Goal 2: Improve accessibility and mobility for all modes1.Improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities2.Provide a connected network that meets the needs of all users3.Promote modes of transportation other than the automobile4.Increase usage of the bike share service

Goal 3:Increase economic vitality, environmental quality and livability of the corridor1.Promote a mix of uses in close proximity, including active uses on the ground floor.2.Reduce or eliminate surface parking lots through redevelopment.3.Provide green space, parklets and allow street artists to encourage social interaction and activity on the street.4.Apply green infrastructure and energy harvesting treatments to improve environmental quality

Determine the best deal between two different computers.

comparison-contrast essay on one of the following topics:
Research and compare two online games.
Compare/contrast two computer programs.
Determine the best deal between two different computers.
Compare/contrast two business tactics.
Compare/contrast shopping online with traditional shopping.
Compare/contrast two music groups or two teams.

What is an example of a complex humanitarian emergency in which the elements of the article apply?

Read the following article:
Complex Humanitarian Emergencies: Moral Quandaries
On the basis of your research, create a 3- to 4-page report that addresses the following:
How is the human rightsbased approach (HRBA) necessary in these instances, or is it?
What is an example of a complex humanitarian emergency in which the elements of the article apply? Discuss any ethical or unethical issues that may have arisen from this issue.
How do the elements illustrated in this article relate to the 10 Essential Public Health Services?
Be sure to support your points for each of the components in parentheses with data from the program and outside research.
Submission Details:
Name your document SU_PHE4015_W4_Project_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.
Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

Discuss the Framers understanding of tyranny, use the Federalist and Antifederalist papers for support.

Jesse James, a 20-year old, was arrested for killing a police officer. As a newly elected prosecutor, you are responsible for prosecuting Mr. James. You announce your decision not to seek the death penalty in this case, but under your states law, the offense charged is considered special circumstances, which would qualify as a death penalty case. Your decision does not sit well with the law enforcement community.
Assignment Guidelines
Address the following in 9001,200 words:
List the various hearings that will typically occur and how the case is affected by each event.
Provide an overview of the various courts in the typical state system where Mr. James will appear and why he is appearing there, from arraignment to trial and the various levels of appeal. Be sure to provide specific information as it relates to any constitutional issues that may be raised at each stage in the process.
What are the potential hearings that might be involved in this case? Be sure to describe them from the time of arrest through appeal.
What are the relevant civil liberties issues pertaining to the 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 14th Amendments present in this case?